Measure and analyze

Each measure to increase energy efficiency starts with a comprehensive analysis of the current situation and infrastructure, as well as the determination of the energies used. Where and how much energy is consumed? At which level are the efficiencies? Where is energy lost? How much energy is lost and what are the daily costs as a consequence thereof?

All these questions can be answered after analyzing your systems technology and measuring your energy flows. The identified energy flows are illustrated in a Sankey:


Our services in detail:

Analysis of the existing systems and measurement technology

Development of measurement strategies

Measurment of energy flows with either its own or rented, if required, measuring devices and systems

Rental of measuring devices and mobile measuring systems
Process Heat

Evaluation of obtained measuring data.  Preparation of an analysis report that states energy flows, consumption data, energy losses and efficiencies

Design, installation and mounting of permanent measurement systems as a basis for continuous measurements of energy flows

Do you want to analyze your energy usage or the foundation for further energy efficiency measures? Then please get in contact with us.